Monday, 21 October 2013

Look Post | Eid Ul Adhaa

Hey Lovelies! Eid Mubarak again to you all. Just a quick look post to show what I wore Eid day. I wore an old dress in the morning as opposed to the norm of an Abaya. Truth be told I didn't go out to buy an outfit for this Eid. It somehow seemed to be that crunch time of the month and new outfits are clearly not the way to be spending money in these times. I was however lucky that I had these items in my closet that I had not worn before so it ended up being a new outfit anyway - Lucky me! I apologise for just the one picture of each outfit as you all know Eid day is a rush and this is all I had time for.

Dress: Marion and Linde (old, Still love though!!)
Shoes: Zando: Lynx
Blazer: Mr Price

Scarf Styling: memrsme
Accessories: Rebel Funk

I hope you guys enjoyed the Interview with Chelsey Hijab Love which you can read here if you missed it, and I am very excited to be sharing the next interview with you, that I may just post it up ahead of schedule. My next post will however be a bit more of a 'serious' topic, an issue that has been  cropping up quite often to me lately - Judging! Until then, much love you guys!

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