Friday, 4 October 2013

Attendance | Ranaa's Closet Fashion Show

Hey peeps. Last week Sunday I attended the Ranaa’s Closet Runway show. It was held at The An Nur Islamic Centre in Rylands.

Ranaa’s Closet, is a mother and daughter team whose love for fashion and dressing up was born into the now clothing range. This was their way to share this passion with the world. Their business is about styling rather than selling clothes and they pride themselves in less is more, encouraging modesty for not only muslims but for all religions and cultures. They strive for affordability and accessibility and firmly believe that that when one leaves Ranaa’s Closet one should also feel like that have made a friend.

Um Kulthum, part owner of Ranaa’s Closet, said that styling and seeing customers beam with pride is what keeps them motivated. She says that an idea that was so long a dream is finally a reality and that they are grateful to the Creator for these opportunities.

They believe that all women should be able to look and feel their best without having to pay an arm and a leg. She stocks the ever-popular mesh skirts in a variety of yummy colours, dusty pink, lemon, grey, and white. This skirt is only R150 and her tube skirts are only R50 this is a test to that belief. As a person Um Kulthum believes we must help each other in order to grow. I’m sure with this attitude Ranaa’s Closet can makes leaps and bounds. In Sha Allah!

When the An Nur Islamic Centre approached Ranaa’s Closet to sponsor a fundraising initiative and they jumped at the opportunity. Um Kulthum, explained that the girls attending the school, mostly wear Abaya’s and that they took the opportunity to show them that they can dress is western trends as she puts it and still be modest, fashionable and youthful.

She is open most weekends and this makes Ranaa’s closet easily accessible.  In my humble opinion the skirts are a definite hijabi must have!

For more pics check out Ranaa's closet facebook page. Here

On another note, in the next few days I will be attending a few of these modest fashion shows, as Alghamdulillah, I have been asked to wrap scarves at these events. I am very humbled yet excited that people have so much faith in me to have me wrap at a show, where they will be showcasing their range to the world. No pressure! Wish me luck!


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