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Interview | Hijabi Bengali Sisters - Nashiha Pervin

Salaam everyone!  I have been trying to get this post out for what feels like the longest time.

Everyone needs a break, and especially when the rest of my family is on holiday, it felt only right to put the blog on a bit of a break too. It's been the last few days of the holidays for everyone, with hubby going back to work and then those back to school days. It can be truly crazy trying to fit everything in, so please excuse me for the blog not always taking priority. I hope I can make it up with Nash's interview, that I doubt will disappoint.

As promised here is Nashiha Pervin's awesome interview.

Sister Nash, Could you tell us a bit about yourself for those of us that don't know?

Assalamualikum, I’m Nash, and along with my sister Mo, we are the HijabiBengaliSisters on Youtube. Our main goal is for dawah-purposes on promoting a positive image on the Hijab and Islam as a whole. Insha Allah.

Tell us a bit about your upbringings whether it was fairly religious or not and how did this influence you to become who you are today?

When I was young, I wasn’t as practicing. I knew I had to pray, but sometimes made excuses not to. My parents always told us to pray, but was never strict with us regarding prayer or hijab. As we grew older, we realized that due to the fact that our parents put no restrictions on us, we started to put restrictions on ourselves—learning from our past mistakes and all. And SubhanAllah and Alhumdulillah we are where we are today because of the guidance of Allah swt.

When did either of you start wearing Hijab and what inspired you do to do so?

I started wearing the hijab my senior year of High school. To be honest, nothing inspired me more than to know that I was getting a step closer to Allah swt through this. And even before I wore the hijab, the concept itself just seemed so beautiful to me and I always admired the girls that wore it.

Did one perhaps inspire the other?

Monika and myself decided to wear Hijab around the same time. It was actually funny because I wanted to wear it when I got into college with her(she’s a year older than me), but one day after praying, I came into her room and said “I don’t want to wear the hijab when I’m in college.” She looked shocked and asked “WHY?!” I replied with “because, I want to wear it as soon as possible.” Why wait to do the right thing, am I right?

How does wearing the hijab made you feel?

I absolutely love it. It makes me feel confident and to be honest, I feel like after wearing the hijab, I’ve developed a sense of identity. 

Ok, so I absolutely love your youtube channel! Such a quirky tell it like it is attitude! But what made you start vlogging and why do you both continue to do so?

Aw thank you Alhumdulillah! We love our HBS family! We started making Youtube videos and vlogging mainly to educate, but to educate in a manner that would be meaningful and relatable to our young audience members. Lets be real, nobody wants to sit through a boring tirade. We essentially tried to become the dawah that we wanted to see. And I hope its left people with a positive impact! Insha Allah! 

Ameen! In most western societies Hijab is seen as oppressive toward women, what can you say against this common thought and what in your opinion are the advantages of wearing the Hijab? 

Oppression is a state of mind and is no way associated with a kind of clothing piece put around your head. I think only those who are uneducated about the hijab think its oppressive, because those who are educated about it can physically see the liberation and freedom manifested through it. I mean, I decide to wear the hijab, I decide what you get to see—who really has the advantage here? Think about it.

What do you love most about Islam?

I love how relevant it is. I love how Islam answers every possible question a human being can have. I love the peace it brings me. I love how there is a sense of structure and it develops obedience. I also love that what Islam requires of us is possible and not something that’s crazy or impossible. With Islam, life is made simple and clear.

Being proudly muslim living in a western country are any of you faced with any Islam/hijab specific challenges?

Not at all, like I mentioned before, if people are not educated, they will say some pretty ignorant stuff. Alhumdulillah though I have yet to encounter such people and pray that I don’t have to either!

What do you think is the most challenging issue that muslims face living in a western society?

I think a lot of Muslims just want to conform and try to fit in with society, instead of realizing that standing out is the better option. Islam is that ‘it factor’ that will make you stand out. The more you practice Islam, the more you will stand out, simple.

You both recently started a facebook page called Deen Team with Lisa Vogl and yaz the Spaz’s mom. Firstly I must commend you both on this! Can you tell my readers each what inspired you to start this page, who is it aimed at and what you envision for this page? 

Yes! Firstly, I love both of them mashAllah! Secondly, its mainly towards helping the transitioning process of reverts into Islam. If they have any questions or need any kind of assistance, inshaAllah we pray that this page will provide a platform for them to ask for help! We love our reverts! <3

What then generally inspires you? 

Not to be corney, but the life of the Prophet PBUH inspires me. Be kind, Be gentle, Submit to Allah alone, and live simple. 

Yes, what a beautiful example our Beloved Prophet (saw) is! 
What most do you find inspiring about Monika?

What I love about Monika is that she is an open book. I can tell you that I’m quite private about my life, but my sister is quite open about hers. At first I would disapprove, but I honestly failed to realize how many people she has helped by sharing her experiences. She demonstrates strength through the toughest times of her life, and despite going through so much she can face the world with a smile. She’s my role model, my best friend, and the main reason I became one of the HijabiBengaliSisters. May Allah bless her in abundance. If I could, I would give her the world!

How do you draw inspiration from one another? 

We learn from each other, we advise each other, we grow from our past. I learn from her and she learns from me. I think because we’re so use to each other that we don’t call each other ‘inspirations’ but Monika really is an inspiration in so many ways. mashAllah

What type of Hijab style is your everyday and what is your favourite?

I honestly just wrap my hijab one way and one way only on the daily – check it out on the videos. lol

Who and What inspires you in terms of hijab and fashion?

I’m not much into what’s trending in ‘hijabi fashion’ world, only because I feel like I have my own style. I don’t really draw my fashion from other Youtubers or Fashion gurus, I see what matches/fits/feels comfortable and wear that. 

How would you describe Monika’s style?

She has this cute tom boy style. But to be honest though, she’s that kind of a girl who would pick sweat pants all day every day if possible. But when it comes to getting ready for fancy events, she goes all out. What’s funny about Monika is that there is no ‘in between’ fashion for her, she’s either really bummed out, or dressed up! lol

Lol! What advice can you give to muslim women who are afraid or feel that they are not yet ready to wear hijab?

The Prophet PBUH thought he wasn’t capable of spreading the message of Islam. He felt surprised that Allah swt would choose him, an illiterate man to convey this message. So just like the Prophet PBUH, I’m sure you’re afraid of embracing something so new. Changing your life-style in one day. You probably feel like ‘you’re not good enough’ to wear a hijab, but let me tell you one thing. You are. You are worth it and you are capable of doing it because just like the Prophet PBUH having faith in Allah which led him to bring about a revolution to humanity, you having faith in Allah can bring about a revolution within yourself. And that’s where the greatest changes start, they start inside of you.

Please check out Nash's blog,, where you can get to know her better and be further inspired!

From interviewing both of them, it only solidifies my opinion that a girl needs a sister, it shows how one can positively affect the other and vice versa. I'm so happy and feel tremendously honoured that these sisters have given me the opportunity to interview them. It has been such an amazing experience getting to know them both bit by bit. To date, each and everyone one of my interviews have taught me so much about being the person I want to be Alghamdulillah! I do hope that they can help you as much as they have helped me. This is after all the core intention of these. 

For the blog in 2014,  I have not forgotten about my promises for tutorials and those will still come, In sha Allah, and within this month, a look post from when I attended a wedding.  Please like my Facebook page and follow me on twitter and instagram to keep updated on the happenings of memrsme and to be notified on future posts. Thank you for all the support thus far, I love you guys!



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  2. Mashallah nice interview. I am proud both of you. God bless rest of your life. When is your book ready that one you are writing? I am waiting for.