Sunday, 29 December 2013

Look Post | Modest Street Fashion by Langston Hues

Salaam all! So this will be my last post for 2013... I see all the bloggers posting their final posts for the year and I thought that I'd post mine on Monday, but I'm moving yet again and probably won't have time to. This post makes me really sad to be honest, because through all the hub hub of not having a computer, trying to get my work off my old computer, and shoot after shoot, I seemed to have lost most of the pictures from this post. I was really sad because I lost some awesome pictures taken with my baby while shooting this look! In any case, its been too manic to reshoot, so I decided that before the contest is over I'd post up the few that I am lucky enough to have saved.

This look was styled purely because I wanted to do a post for the Modest Street Fashion Contest. The big prize of course is a shoot with Langston Hues to be featured in the book! I can't begin to express how tremendously awesome it would have been for the memrsme blog!!  If any of you don't know what the Modest Street Fashion Book is about, its a book of fashionable yet, modestly attired women and their take on what is now deemed as modest fashion. The book already features some of the great bloggers we all know, such as Dina Tokio, Amenakin, The hijab blog, to name a few. It seems though, that I have really been off base and off track lately since I didn't realise that the competition ends 1 January 2014. So, with only a few days left for the competition, I doubt that I will get the amount of likes needed to win. It was fun though even to be just a tiny part of it.

About the look. I hunted for some clothes and accessories for my vision. The main clothing piece is my Sacred by Mili Jo printed high waisted trousers. It is the perfect cut for a comfortable, sickly stylish and Modest pants! My electric blue blazer is old (bought in China town, two sizes too big) but thought it would add a bang to the outfit since I added a plain black shirt beneath. With the collar buttoned up I decided a turban would add to the Modest Street idea. It needed something extra though. I had wanted a Hyde & Seek envelope clutch for some time and their sale came at the perfect time. I ordered the red but then thought that I should rather go with the blue. Alleyah however, suggested I stick with the red and darn was it good advise! This classic clutch pulled my entire look together. I could not have asked for two better brands to be with me, so to speak, in this post. Ofourse, I am also wearing a Rebel Funk neck piece that seems like it was made for the look.

Thank you so very much to all who have liked the picture. If you have not, it won' hurt to like, so please do. (Ha ha) Maybe, just maybe, by some stroke of, let say,  imaginary luck, I can win!

Here is the link just in case (**wink wink**) Its only likes on this link that count so please click like!

What do you guys think?

 Until next year my lovelies! Have a great new years and enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Much love

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Attendance | Meeting Fellow bloggers at Hijab Fashion Week SA

Assalaamualiakum lovelies! I have been without a machine for some time now, and I am so back logged with work and intended blog posts. Being computer less has really left me feeling like my life stood still, and being the main reason for lack of activity on my blog. It has also been holiday for my family and I have chosen to rather spend some days with them then to sit behind a computer to blog.

 I have loads of editing to complete and loads of posts I want to do. This is my first attempt at getting back on track, in terms of blogging because obviously, work had to come first. This will be a quick post on me attending the Hijab Fashion Week SA event. The venue was stunning and the attendees awesome!! I got to officially meet Saara of Minimal Exposure and Fatima and Nurunisa of Sisters in Hijab. I also met a few other bloggers, Faziela Davids of Covered Clique and Habeeba Khalfe, (please maaf me as I forget the name of her blog).  Meeting these awesome women was a big highlight for me.  The show catered for Fashionable in Hijab and Accentuate swimwear. Since it was dubbed Hijab Fashion Week SA, I think moving forward I'd like to see some more designers added to the line up and perhaps having it over one or two days. Having more designers and people involved could really just add to the shows appeal. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I did not edit! Eek! Sorry! No time.

Fatima Squared!!
Saara, Fatima, Nurunisa and me. BTW look at the lovely skirt
Saara is wearing! She made it herself!

Faziela Winning with the lucky draw 
I won some great Hijab pins from Wimsy!

Nurunisa winning a Maher Zain ticket

So much catching up to do! I hope you enjoyed the pictures at least, until I have the time to put more effort into writing a post.

Much Love

Friday, 13 December 2013

Interview | Hijabi Bengali Sisters - Monika Sarker

Asalaamulaikum lovelies! It may seem that I have been neglecting my blog lately but that has honestly not been the case. I have not had my computer for a long while. In fact, it's still in repairs!

With losing our beloved Tata, and not having a machine  it seems my life stood still. I'd like very much to blog about our fallen hero but because he truly deserves his own blog post for the very least that will take a lot more time and effort.

In the mean time, I now finally bring to you another wonderful inspirational women interview. It is now none other than Monika Sarker of the Hijabi Bengali Sisters who I'm sure most of you follow, if not be sure to do so. What I love about them is that they are not about fashion. They are purely about Deen and Dawah! They are two young sisters who spread Deen and Dawah in a hilarious, sometimes colloquial way. That makes them so easy to understand and such an inspiration to our younger muslim women.

So, let the inspiration begin...

1.      Could you tell us a bit about yourself for those of us that don’t know?

Well, I’m Monika, the older sister, although I look younger. I am currently in my last year in university, graduating with a degree on Graphic Design and have a minor on Religious Studies. My sister and I both do dawah on youtube and call ourselves “The HijabiBengaliSisters”.

2.     Tell us a bit about your upbringings whether it was fairly religious or not and how did this influence you to become who you are today?

Wasn’t really religious when it came to our upbringing, it was more cultural than anything. But every once in a while my parents would take us to a halaqa, we’d get really bored and end up sleeping in it. We were put into Quran classes, and even though we were good with memorization of the Surahs, we would quickly forget it ‘cause our heart wasn’t in it. I felt like religion was a part of the culture when I was younger. I couldn’t find the difference. I remember in 5th grade, one of my Quran teachers was telling me that she had a dream that I was going to wear a hijab one day. I legit took that as a sign and wore it immediately. I wore it to school and everyone was shocked by it. Unfortunately, I was easily influenced by the other adults who told me that I didn’t have to wear it now and I can only wear it at school. I didn’t listen to them at first and wore it everywhere I went, but eventually I took it off completely after being convinced. I guess we weren’t really ever influenced to wear it when we grew older. It was something we put on ourselves. I always respected hijabis when I saw them, and no matter how much makeup, tight clothes, or half sleeved shirts they wore, or even if they wore those “convertible hijabs” I always looked up to them, even though I had no idea how the proper hijab was supposed to be worn. If anyone talked smack about them, I would stick up for them. So, I guess respecting Hijabis and our parents not putting much limit on us made me want to put restrictions on myself.  

3.     When did you start wearing Hijab and what inspired you do to do so? Did one perhaps inspire the other?

I remember Nashiha and I planned to wear the hijab when we went to college. We were all hyped saying “We’re gonna do it!”. We didn’t even get our 5 daily prayers straight, but we still wanted to wear the hijab. The winter break of 2009 my dad went to Hajj and he prayed a lot for our guidance. When the summer of 2010 hit (the year I was transitioning from high school to college), Nashiha came up to me one day and was like “Monika, I don’t want to wear a hijab in college”, and I was shocked. She then continued saying “…because I want to wear it now, with you!” and then we all got excited and giddy, jumping up and down like little girls. My sister and I definitely helped each other stick to our plan to wear the hijab in college because we would both go back and forth changing our minds.

4.     How does wearing the hijab make you feel?

I never say this, but it makes me feel beautiful. I grew up with so many insecurities, now I just laugh thinking “they can’t make fun of my physical flaws no more cause the hijab got me covered” (pun intended). 

5.    LOL!  Ok, so I absolutely love your youtube channel! Such a quirky tell it like it is attitude! But what made you start vlogging and why do you both continue to do so?

Thank you so much! 
We began our youtube because I remember looking through youtube on Islam, after putting on the hijab, I was trying to gain more knowledge on it. I then came across this disgusting video of this woman talking about how we should all take off our hijabs to show that we have freedom like we say we do. The entire reason she made this video is because a father killed her daughter for taking her hijab off. I am completely aware that there are oppressing men out there who force their daughter into wearing the hijab, but why hate on all hijabis in general when MOST of us chose to wear it? So knowing how prideful (halal pride, if one exists) I was then for wearing the hijab, I got really angry and went up to Nashiha saying “Dude! Look at this ridonkulous video, lets make a respond back to this chick and shut her up”. Since then we began to enjoy making videos so I would force Nashiha into it even when she felt too lazy to do it. I also did it cause Nashiha told me I couldn’t act so I had to prove her wrong (Ha! Ha!). All of our acting is improvised and we never wrote scripts unless it was a poem. That’s why you see many bloopers at the end of our videos cause some of us come out with the most ridiculous lines that we both end up cracking up so hard.

6.     In most western societies Hijab is seen as oppressive toward women, what can you say against this common thought and what in your opinion are the advantages of wearing the Hijab? 

I laugh with this idea. I can easily say the opposite and say “Well, being nude is oppressive to females”, but what exactly makes them oppressive and doesn’t make us oppressive? Well, lets see. 
Are we told to please men’s eyes with the skimpy tight clothes they create for us women to wear? Nope. Do I need to wear trendy clothes to fit into the society and have my confidence be depended on how people think of me? No. Can people insult my physical appearance to the point where I would need to have plastic surgery on my body to feel better about myself? No. The advantage of being a hijabi is that I don’t have to conform to what ANYONE says but Allah, the Creator of the Universe. Just like my momma who I would listen to if she told me not to do something, Allah has even more Greater rights than her to tell me how I should be. If you love someone so much, you’re willing to do anything for them, this is that same concept but towards the Creator of you and I. 

7.     You asked a question recently on twitter, and I pose it back you each of you, What do you love most about Islam?

Women’s right. Yup, that’s right. A man’s gonna hate if they can’t get a date. Haha totally joking. But seriously, I love that part the most. I’m given the right to marry the man I want, and not be forced into marriage because of what my parents say or because a man prefers me to be with him. I love that I can own my own business and have rights over my money; the fact that I am told to respect myself and not be the servant of another creation. I just love it. The second thing I love the most is its logic; the proof that it is God speaking and not a human. What is there not to love about Islam?

10.  Being proudly muslim living in a western country are any of you faced with any Islam/hijab specific challenges?

The common one would be the heat. I remember playing hardcore soccer in gym class with my hijab and jacket on with the scorching sun beaming down on me. All the guys were taking their shirts off  (I clearly lowered my gaze even though I wasn’t even attracted by it) saying how hot it was, I laughed at them said “I know YOU ain’t complaining homie”.

11.  What do you think is the most challenging issue that muslims face living in a western society

3 words: Surrounding of ignorance.

12.  You both recently started a facebook page called Deen Team with Lisa Vogl and yaz the Spaz’s mom. Firstly I must commend you both on this! Can you tell my readers each what inspired you to start this page, who is it aimed at and what you envision for this page? 

My girl Lisa thought of the idea, mainly after that one status we posted about this one girl reverting to Islam. This other person commented under that same status, saying “You didn’t even say Salaam right” to the revert sister who has barely any clue about Islam yet. It really bothered all of us seeing the hate some Muslims have towards Converts/Reverts. Even after my sister and I made a video about loving our revert brothers and sisters, some people commented with really rude remarks about them not being a real Muslim. The ignorance is even real within our own Ummah. So the fact I love reverts and Lisa being a revert herself, she decided to make a page to help reverts and told me to join in. She’s a great person with wonderful ideas. May Allah give her jannatul ferdeous. 

13.  Ameen! What then generally inspires each of you? 

I would say prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), all day erry’day. Before doing anything in my life matters I always ask myself “What would prophet Muhammed (pbuh) do?”

14.  Monika: What most do you find inspiring about Nashiha?

How this crazy chick acts all professional in front of others but is mad insane when we’re alone. I love how she can put a smile on anyone’s face and is really trustworthy. One of the biggest thing that I find inspiring about her is that even after the hate and rude comments we have to face daily by few people, she stands strong and always keeps me standing up when I want to give up and quit youtube. She is one helluva strong woman, and I respect that she never lets anyone get to her emotionally other than her own family. 

15.  How do you draw inspiration from one another?

We just always encourage each other to be better when the other one is weak in imaan. We don’t really have someone legitimate to ever talk to, so we always talk to each other about issues we’re facing and we inspire each other with great Islamic advice and always remind each other that this world isn’t forever when one of us get too tied up in this Dunya. 

16.  What type of hijab style is your everyday and what is your favorite?

Legit, all I do is wrap it around my neck once and I’m out the door. Ain’t nobody got time for fashion. The only time I ever try is in all female parties or weddings. So I don’t really have a favorite one, I just got a simple one that I do every day.

17.  Who and What inspires you in terms of hijab and fashion?

Honestly, no one. But I do remember watching a few videos from Yazthespaz when I was thinking to be a hijabi one day. She was a great inspiration, and anyone who says she’s not really hasn’t been through any hijabi-female’s shoe who was encouraged to wear the hijab cause of her. She makes modest look beautiful. 

18.  Monika: How would you describe Nashiha’s style?

She got style all right. It’s elegant and professional for the most part. If you ask her about my style she’ll describe it as “hobo man” cause I really don’t dress up at all. People always assume I do cause of my videos and pictures but that’s not the case at all.

19.  What advice can you give to muslim women who are afraid or feel that they are not yet ready to wear hijab?

We ain’t ready for death either. Just sayin’. I remember hearing a story about this girl who didn’t dress modestly at ALL, like you can see all her goodies. One day she went to a halaqa during Ramadan and was so inspired to wear the hijab, all the sisters were excited for her so they bought an abaya and scarf for her to wear. She didn’t bother to start the next day, she wanted to start it that night. That same night as she was walking across the road with her new modest outfit, she got hit by a car and died. SubhanAllah. She died in a state of submission towards Allah. May Allah give her paradise. So never ever think “Oh, I will do it when I’m 40, married, and have completed Hajj”, you aren’t even guaranteed the next second, so when you do it, wear it for the sake of Allah and stick to it no matter how much shaytan tries to give you every excuse to get out of it. We’re all fighting a battle, and may Allah make it easy for you and give you many good deeds for your effort. You can do it sisters! 

How inspiring is it that this young women can be so clued up. Lets make dua that we all reach a good level of understanding when it comes to our Deen. I will be posting Nashiha's Interview later on in this month In Sha Allah. I also have a very exciting look post coming soon, so please keep a look out for these!

Much love

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Event | Hijab Fashion Week SA

Assallaamulaikum my Dears. It seems as if its been ages since I last posted. I promised to do two hijab tutorials and am needing to do a very important look post, but my computer is giving me issues again. Also, Mr Me's post was very well received, Alghamdulillah. Ebrahim and I and are considering doing a follow up post based on emails I've received. So, all these posts will come as soon as things return back to normality. I am so back logged as I also still need to put up my next Inspirational women Interview. 

Exciting things are on the way for memrsme apart from doing some interviews with some awesome women I have also been asked to do a few myself. This may not seem as exciting to some, but for me its pretty cool!

Back to the post at hand! This Sunday, 1 December 2013, will be the first Hijab Fashion Week held at The Atlantic Imbizo, V & A Waterfront, Hosted by Abashiya Achilles owner and designer of Fabulous in hijab in collaboration with Accentuate. I managed to chat with her a bit about the upcoming show and the thought process behind the event. 

Abashiya, describes herself, and "in no particular order as, a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and a dressmaker". She says that she has always had her own individual style because she was tall with long arms and so her mom always made her clothes. She admits that she may have been spoiled in this regard as she always wore what she had herself designed. So she ended up picking up her skills at her mothers machine, she swore however, not to sew when she got older, but soon discovered that it was indeed her passion. 

Abashiya draws inspiration from "visible Islam", and thrives on coming up with designs that are unique to each of her customers. She is also inspired by Valentino for his elegance and Alexander Mcqueen for his bold creativity.

She says that "Hijab Fashion week" is not a new concept and that many countries have done it successfully. They felt that the time was right and that South Africa, and Cape Town in particular is ready for this type of event. It's her intention that the event not only be a fashion show but a showcase to promote and market local designers, not only to the local community but worldwide. "This is the type of event our local designers were waiting for.", she says.

The aim is for Hijab Fashion Week SA guests to have gained confidence in knowing that there is creative and readily available modest wear in South Africa. 

Hijab fashion Week SA will be showcasing local designers in the categories of glamour wear, casual wear, swim wear etc. 

Let's support our local designers! Hope to see you all there!

Details of the show are as follows: 


Clock Tower
V&A Waterfront
Entry R100

ACC 1060-668-971
Branch code 120-405

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Mr Me | A man's Perspective

Salaam my lovelies! So, as I have been blogging, I always ask my hubsies opinion. I have also been chatting to many friends embarking on this journey of hijab and many were uncertain about this because their husbands were not keen, some I'd even say did not want to because of this reason. Hubsie and I thought it would be great to get a man perspective on the matter. And here it is just as he wrote it!

Assalaamualaikum all

Wow!! Firstly let me start off by saying, I am in no way good with words. In fact I hardly find the time to read, unless it's the subtitles of a movie I really wanted to see. The only time I would sit down and type anything is an email.

However I’m here so treat me kindly.

Ok, so let explain how I came to write this post.

I grew up as most men in western societies do. Thinking that the woman we see in movies and magazines are what we should be looking for in a partner, at least physically.

So when Fatima “dropped the Bomb” on me that she wanted to start wearing hijab, I was very shocked to put it mildly. First thing that came to mind, was loose fitting clothes that looked like parachutes behind her as she walked, tight heard scarves that would cover her sleek dark black hair (oops can I say that?!), which is one of her features that attracted me to her in the first place. I remember thinking, 'Why would she feel the need to cover up, she’s still young!' and at the same time I personalised it by thinking, 'Dude you're still young, how odd we are going to look in public!'

So, I found myself dropping subtle hints, wondering if she would pick up on what I was trying to say. Although at times I was as subtle as shattering glass. Things like, “Are you sure you ready for this? It a big commitment!” to, “seriously I don’t want to be married to my mum!”. ( OUCH I know!!!) But I was desperate. I’ve never seen any young woman looking fashionable in hijab, and let’s be honest, the only times I would see young woman wearing hijab would be in Ramadan, but mostly when you ladies need to grab something quick at the store and had no time to get done.

I realise how I may come across to most of you who don’t know me (and probably some of you that do too), however the picture I paint, be it slightly distorted, is how I feel most guys who grew up in the same sort of environment I did, (in my opinion) would react to this.

I say this, because I do know of guys who feel or felt the same way I did (yeah we talk).

Now Fatima was never someone to wear a skimpy outfit that shows off a lot of skin (but she would never judge anyone for doing so). However she would always be dressed up. Obviously, I thought all that would change once she started wearing hijab.

Her transformation however was something beautiful.

Fatima was generally a shy and quiet person who never really spoke or interacted with anyone unless they made the initial contact. At the same time she had a sort of hidden confidence about her that only really came to the surface if and when she decided she really knew you. To most people that had met her at that time, she would have seemed maybe a bit too quiet. Almost as if she had an invisible veil, which shielded her from the world.

All through our five years (going on six Insha Allah) of being married, Fatima has always been the one that reminded me of my Creator, she would remind me constantly that it's prayer time and to turn off the TV, sometimes to the extent that we would have mini arguments around who wears the pants in the relationship (I think she might just let me believe I do). So the link she had even at that time to our Creator was way stronger than mine.

In hindsight maybe her choice in donning the hijab should not have come as such a surprise to me.

Now every year during Ramadan most Muslim females in Cape Town wear hijab and Fatima like everyone else followed suite. However, after Ramadan 2011 she never took it off. It was then when I saw noticeable changes in her. Fatima went from being shy and timid, to being someone that exudes confidence. Openly engaging with people and ultimately starting this blog. It’s as if the Hijab replaced the invisible veil she wore and transformed her to who she is today.

Although her ultimate goal was to be closer to our Creator, she always had me in mind. It may have been easier to don her hijab without thinking about what I was thinking. After all, this is what our religion asks of you sisters and who am I to ever ask of her otherwise.

Thankfully she took a different approach, always including or at least informing me of her decisions, but asking for my input too. She would initiate many the conversation about her wearing hijab, what clothes she would be wearing that day and most importantly for HER, if I liked what she wore. It was through this interaction with Fatima which warmed me up to her wearing hijab, brought us closer together and brought me closer to my creator.

Alhamdulillah, to this day almost every outfit she through together, I loved!

I must admit that seeing the amount of effort it takes to wear hijab and to cover up as much as possible is not something I could put myself through, so BIG UP to everyone on this journey!

I finally see the importance of being a supportive husband whilst your wife is going through this transformation. It is by no means an easy task; western media will not allow her to feel beautiful dressed in hijab. It’s has always been YOUR job to do so!  Surprise yourself and let her surprise you.

Realising that not everyone is ready to take on this epic journey, whether you are a sister thinking about taking the leap or a hubby who like I was, is afraid of what happens next.

I say to you “Small steps make a big difference”.

Fatima I know you said don’t personalise my post too much, but babe keep doing what you do if you manage to inspire one person on your journey you have fulfilled the mandate you gave yourself.


Ebrahim (I guess I’m MrMe?)
The crazy 4. Missing 2.
At our home studio! Chroma Creative Photography... that's me!
Yeah that's right! Mr Me, I already created the post and named it Mr Me as you can see. Ok,  I am not entirely sure he wrote everything as I had asked. I wanted him to speak on on how he felt much less about me. I guess this is how it made sense to him and LOL he's too lazy to change it! Men! We both would love your comments on this, especially from the male perspective. As he says though support your wife to do good as she surely wants to see with her in Jannah. Ameen!

Oh and he's a good write right?

Lotsa love for you guys!

Friday, 15 November 2013

The Liebster award

Salaam all! So, I am quite skeptical about these things but since I am not yet ready to post the Hubby post that I am really excited about, (did I mention I'm excited about that yet? lol) I thought I'd give this a try. In any event, it does seem to be a good way to get new bloggers recognition within the blogosphere, since it is quite a mission to get your blog out there. And it may tell you a little bit more about and what would it hurt anyway?

So, I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Waseefa Hutton of Bespoke by WH. Shukran Waseefa for nominating me!! It does seem though a good way to get new blogs recognised since I did not know of Waseefa's blog at all. That's always a good thing! Ok, so lets get to this! There are some rules that need to be followed and to ensure that you pay it forward.

11 facts about myself.

1. I'm a wife, mother, and mom/sister to my two siblings who live with us.
2. I am a graphic designer and Photographer check out my site
3. I'm a big dreamer!
4. I trust too easily.
5. If I could spend all my money on photography equipment and Travelling I would!
6. I love animals.
7. Chocolate is my weakness.
8. I despise liars!
9. I love food.
10. Shoes! What women doesn't love shoes though?
11. I'm a tea and 2 sugars kinda girl.

Question from Waseefa Hutton

1. What inspired you to choose the blogging platform to voice yourself?
Truly, it was just so many people that suggested it to me since I started wearing hijab and attempting to mix my fashion sense with it. It seemed like the way to go in order to inspire more women to wear hijab, since blogging seems to becoming more mainstream media.

2. What have you achieved from blogging?
Well, I only started blogging in August of this year so I'm still very  much a newbie. I have just been having a lot of fun with it thus far and have been in contact with some truly amazing women!

3. Do you plan and Structure your blog post?
Most of my post are planned in a very small way. But to be truly honest I wish I was more organized.

4. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe? 
My black biker jacket.

5. Describe your style?
I don't think I can really describe anything particular as my style as it seems to strongly go with how I feel on the day. Sometimes If I've had too many "flats and T's" days then I force myself to put on soemthing more fabulous. So I'd say someitmes easy going, sometimes feminine.

6. What is the one thing you can't leave the house without?
Nappies! Lol, how I wish it was more glamorous! But I guess if I'm not with my kids then my Cellphone!

7. Your Dream destination and why?
Not one in particular. I wish to travel to all the wonders of the world, natural and man made. I'd love to visit Venice, Italy and India. There is just something so surreal about India that I have been captivated by just hearing about it.

Questions for the Blogs I nominate

1. What do you love about blogging?
2. What is your opinion about Hijab and Modest wear?
3. What is your favourite fashion trend of this year?  
4. Describe your fashion sense?
5. Heels or Flats?
7. The best advice you ever received?

The blogs now Nominate.

That's about it. The blogs I nominate are meant to have a following of 200 or less. I am not sure what  the following of the blogs I nominate here is, but what the heck, I'm sure they all could do with a bit more exposure? Have a great weekend dolls!

Much love

Friday, 8 November 2013

Attendance | Forever New SS13 High Society Launch


Salaam lovelies! What an eventful week I have had! Alhamdulillah! I was invited to the Forever New High Society SS13 Launch that happened last week Wednesday evening at the Waterfront. The Hyde and Seek launch party did good to prepare me for this party although I was just as nervous. I knew by attending this one that my outfit had to be on point, since it being mainstream fashion.

Afraid that I was going to be late, I arrived at the waterfront to the cutest little set up in front of the Forever New store. They did an amazing job of creating a runway with a faux grass carpet surrounded by clear cane chairs and spotlights that were placed strategically. My name was ticked off the guest list and we were served drinks and were then able to take photos at the Forever New logo backdrop. Feeling very much like Celebs!

We mingled for a bit before the event started and I again met some new bloggers. Feeling still like a fish out of water I introduced myself to some people. I managed to meet Lauren of Fashionista CT and Yumna of Cooked Culture. I had met Yumna years ago and I never knew that she blogged and as she puts it, “everyone has a blog nowadays.” (lol) Too true!

The event officially started at 8pm sharp, with the hostess Kerrin Tessendorf (PR) looking gorgeous in what I assume was a Forever New dress. The most amazing violinist set the tone for the show by performing keeping us very entertained us. 

The Summer 2013 collection that followed was gorgeous to say the least. Most items though were too short to be considered hijabi wear but with some layering anything is possible. Each dress beautifully embellished with exquisite detail. I envisioned many of those items making any hijabi look and feel literally like a million bucks! And What I loved most was Forever New’s intricate and richly adorned accessories!

It was truly an event that left me feeling very much like a part of the high society crowd with poodles on the runway and men dressed like butlers in tail coats, bow ties and gloves serving champagne, and a particularly delicious pink non alcoholic drink.  Including some tongue spoiling, treats like macaroons and chocolate brownies. After the runway show we were treated to shop with a 15% discount on anything in the store and I was gifted an awesome Forever New tablet Case.

If you want to make that bold, yet ultimately elegant statement, this range is for you.Unfortunately I can't upload any of the images given to us from Forever New as my CD drive does not work, so please check out the range at‎ or visit any one of their stores nation wide.

Collar details

I definitely see this dress over a pair or form fitting jeans with my favorite bag!

Nothing short of amazing eletro violinist.

Poodles on the Runway

How Cool is Iptishaam's pants!

The Beaut that is V&A

Iptishaam and myself posing in front of the Forever New Logo

Hostess Kerrin Tessendorf

Yumna, and me looking green, because of the lights

Exquisite detail

Absolutely love this statement piece!

Me, Trevor Stuurman and Iptishaam
Hubby post next week!! Until then keep it you and keep it modest!

Much Love

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Look Post | Relax, take it easy

Asalaamualaikum my lovelies! After the humdrum that my blog has had this week, I feel a slightly more relaxed post is due. So, I bring to you a relaxed look post of what I wore last week Saturday, when I popped in at the Taronga Road Masjid Market.

There, I met Aashiqah G' Collections and the Designers of Mod-ish. I cant wait to get some of these items to blog about. I'm in love with Aashiqah G' Collections head pieces as I have seen the on Sisters in Hijab and on Minimal Exposure. Mod-ish is a new find for me but I think their items are so me! Can't wait!!

For this post I experimented and came up with this hijab style. People at the Market and on Instagram have asked me to do a tutorial which I will do soon, In Sha Allah!

I'll also soon be posting up the Forever New Event I attended and thereafter the husband post which I am really excited about. Until then Keep it you and keep it modest!

Clothes and Shoes: Mr Price
Scarf styling: memrsme
Scarf: Sawants
Purse/Tablet holder: Forver New
Accessories: Rebel Funk

Much Love!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Interview | Saara Jappie-Adams - Minimal Exposure Blog

Peace be upon you to everyone! I hope that you are all having a wonder week thus far. And Muharram Mubarak to you all! I hope that we can all reflect on our attitudes this past year,  rethink, and begin to turn the wheels for positive change within ourselves, much like the age old new years resolutions. This should apply to us all, all year round, although I guess a new year represents new beginnings and a perfect time to try to implement change. 

I am so excited to bring you yet another inspiring women, our very own home grown blogger Saara Jappie-Adams from Minimal Exposure. We are so blessed be a tiny part of her life as she blogs. I bring to you, her inspiring and thought provoking interview.

1. Could you start off by telling us a bit about your blog please?

Minimal Exposure is my personal style blog where I share my love for all things fashion, particularly hijabi fashion, photography and anything that piques my interest.

2. How long have you been blogging?

I started Minimal Exposure just over a year ago and without a clue on how to go about it all. Alhamdulillah the response towards the blog has been a positive one.

3. Why did you start blogging?  And why do you continue to do it?

When I started wearing my hijab a few years back, it was a daunting experience with regards to how I was going to start covering myself more appropriately without looking like I had aged about 20 years! At that time “hijabi fashion” wasn’t a well-known term. That makes me sound like a fossil but really that was only about six years ago. At the time there were little to no modest fashion blogs, no Pinterest or Instagram, so finding inspiration was a lot harder to come by. And I really could have done with some help and tips. Over the years I received lots of encouragement from females about the way I covered myself, with the main response being “you still look fashionable/stylish!” Before Dian and Dina, we never equated modest wear with being fashionable, just frumpy and “oud tyds”.  And then a lot more people started referring to the scarf as a “hijab” instead of “doekie/doek”. It was fast becoming something we were proud to wear. I worked at a boutique store for four years in Cavendish Square and a lot of women would come up to me saying they loved the way I wrapped my scarf and asked how I did it. They also enquired about where or how I was able to find suitable clothing as everything available in stores was not very appealing. After much consideration, weighing up the pros and cons, procrastinating – story of my life – I finally started my little blog with the aim of inspiring at least one female to either start wearing the hijab, encouraging them to play around with what’s in their wardrobe. Making the journey a little easier. I continue to blog for this reason. I love hearing about a woman’s journey towards wearing the hijab and how you’ve inspired them in some small way. It is really encouraging. I also get a kick out of sharing with my readers, new modest wear designers that I have discovered online. It really helps to drive home the idea that modest can be beautiful and stylish. There are so many hijabi blogs around right now, yet each one is unique in their sense of style, their interests and backgrounds. The more the merrier!

4. Other than being a blogger, what do you do for a living?

I work in the Quality Control department for one of the biggest clothing retailers in Africa! It is an admin-based job, yet it is very interesting as I work alongside garment technologists and the fabric testing laboratory. It might seem boring to some, but I love learning about the capabilities of different types of fabrics and how they affect the final garments. I studied Textile design, so while my current position is not a very creative one, gaining exposure to the Fabric Technology side of things is just as exciting!

5. What Job would you most like to do if you could and why?

My dream job would consist of me running my own textile printing studio. From designing, colour mixing, printing and then making up the fabric into garments or household textiles. Although it is more labour intensive, I would strictly use silk screens as there’s nothing more magical than when you’ve pulled that ginormous squeegee across your screen, only to lift up the screen off the flatbed to reveal your freshly printed design. It’s the best!

6. What affects you, creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Being a visual person I am inspired by beautiful imagery, whether it evokes melancholy or happiness. New places and experiences. Traveling. If I could afford it, I would definitely like to travel more. I’d stay in my match box house forever if I could travel the world! I love experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all walks of life. Not that I’ve traveled extensively at all but I find it truly enriching.

7. I absolutely agree! How would you describe your fashion sense?

It could be described as having a bit of a split personality! I love busy, detailed and colourful items of clothing just as much as I love a classic and well-tailored garment. I tend to find myself somewhere in the middle, usually resulting in a simple silhouette with just enough detailed pieces to keep things interesting. I would cite Sofia Coppola, Cate Blanchett, Katherine Hepburn, Ulyana Sergeenko and Francoise Hardy as my style inspirations.

8. Who is your favorite fashion designer and which fashion designer would you say lends more towards modest wear?

It’s hard to pick just one! In terms of print and embellishment it’s Mary Katrantzou, Naeem Khan and Manish Arora. My favorite fashion designers are Haider Ackerman, Ulyana Sergeenko, Christian Dior, Valentino and Victoria Beckham – never thought I would say that but she has really grown on me as a designer. Her designs are elegant, simple but never boring. I am a sucker for subtle detailing and excellent tailoring. In the same breath, I am just as crazy about wild prints and opulence. I loved Dolce & Gabbana’s recent collections. Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists and besides D&G’s obvious Sicilian influences, I found their designs very reminiscent of Klimt’s work. Well, at least for me. The designer I would say lends more towards modest wear is Valentino. I find the silhouettes of their garments less form fitting and the overall look very demure and elegant.

9. What is your everyday hijab style and which is your favorite?

During the week I tend to favour a very simple style for work, nothing too complicated. On weekends I usually play around with different looks. My favorite style would have to be the Vela wrap style – I have shared the tutorial on my blog –It’s a square scarf with a single knot that sits on the side of your neck. The style is very easy to achieve, requires only one safety pin and it is really elegant.

10.  When did you start wearing Hijab?

I made the conscious decision to start wearing my scarf in 2007. It was a slow progression. I started off with what I felt most comfortable at the time, which was the turban. Then I started covering my neck. At the same time my sleeves and lengths of my tops and dresses became longer. My pants and jeans became looser. Until I reached the point where I didn’t leave the house without my scarf, and also when strange men came to our house I would cover then too. It has been a journey, I’m not able to say that I have never taken it off because I didn’t always have “good days”. And I can’t say I’ll never take it off because you don’t know what the state your Imaan will be in, in a year or in 10 years’ time. We humans are prone to err, but I do hope that I never take it off, that I will always try to be modest in my demeanor and dress sense. That’s why it is so important not too judge others or think little of someone just because they’re not covered. Wearing the hijab or dressing modestly doesn’t make you a saint and neither does not wearing one make you a sinner. Only Allah knows what it is in our hearts.

11.  What made you start wearing hijab?

My decision came about as I approached my final year at CPUT. I felt that I had lost my way a little with regards to my faith as a result of student life and everything that came with it. Not that I was a crazy party animal, I was quite the opposite actually but I felt my priorities needed some rearranging. Alhamdulillah only good came from that decision.

12.  How does wearing Hijab make you feel?

Not oppressed that’s for sure! I chose to wear my scarf. Because I had researched, read, understood the wisdom and learnt about the beauty of dressing modestly and wearing the hijab. It just made so much sense. As Muslims, our purpose is to please our Creator – in a nutshell – as it is where our reward lies. One of the things I came to realize is that I would rather look “dowdy” in my long tunic to please Allah rather than trying to please everyone else. It’s very liberating. Since I have worn the hijab, I found that a lot more people greet you and treat you with respect and it doesn’t only come Muslims. Personally, I also believe that the hijab only adds to one’s beauty. Have you ever seen a woman who doesn’t look beautiful in hijab?

13.  How did wearing hijab affect peoples reaction to you?

Well at varsity I had an equal amount of Muslim and non-Muslim friend and they were so supportive about it, Alhamdulillah. My non-Muslim friends were curious about why I had started wearing it; why other females didn’t wear it and questioned why men didn’t cover up too. And I was only too happy to try and explain it to the best of my ability. With my Muslim friends who didn’t cover, not once did they make me feel uncomfortable or joke about taking it off for just one night. Just as I never tried to force my views on them. It was a mutual respect. Wearing the scarf didn’t suddenly make me better than everyone else. I can’t really recall if anyone had been “funny” with me. I have grown a thicker skin since wearing my hijab, if there are any negative reactions they would go unnoticed, as I am not here to please people. Only my Creator.
14.  What would you say are the benefits of wearing hijab?

Everyone benefits from it differently but I would say people are more respectful towards you. Also the sense of unity it brings to Muslim sisters. If you’re struggling with it, usually someone is going through a similar phase and they support and encourage each other. I find it tremendously satisfying if I am dressed appropriately and I feel beautiful in what I’m wearing as well.

15.  Did the perception of yourself and your fashion sense change when you started wearing hijab and how?

Yes it did. When I started covering I thought to myself “I won’t be able to wear all my pretty ¾ skirts and dresses anymore”. But then I found maxi skirts and dresses just as pretty and a lot more versatile. I still love the same things, but I just style them differently now. I kept all those pretty dresses and skirts though, just because you can’t wear them outside the house doesn’t mean you can’t wear them inside!

16.  What advise can you give women on starting and sticking to wearing the Hijab?

I would suggest one understands the reasoning behind modesty for males and females. I can’t tell you how much it irks me when men think that the concepts of hijab and modesty only apply to women. When a guy tries to encourage his wife to start covering her awrah and wearing the hijab yet he wears skinny jeans and tight t-shirts, I don’t think that’s correct or fair. Don’t get me started on board shorts and wetsuits (lol). But I digress! 

As I mentioned before, the key to being consistent with wearing your hijab is about understanding but also above all else, your intention. Question why do you want to wear it? Whom are you hoping to please? It’s much easier to stick with something if you know why you are doing it. As kids attending Madrassa, there was a lot of emphasis placed on the “how to” of our deen and not enough on the “why”. It could be that we wouldn’t quite have grasped the concepts and wisdom of Islam at such a young age. But I feel we could have benefited from learning to love Allah; understanding why it is that we make salaah or wear the hijab etc. Instead of basically being told that “if you don’t do this, Allah is going to punish you” and in that way we may have found it easier to fulfill all those practices from an earlier age. (Obviously not all madrassas are the same but I went to five different ones plus an Islamic High School.) I would also advise that if you have never worn the scarf before, start out slowly and what you feel most comfortable in and Insha Allah you will progress from there. If you’re able to jump right in, then Alhamdulillah. It’s not an easy feat so try to surround yourself with people who inspire, encourage and support you. Play around with different hijab styles and experiment. Remember, just with your intention alone, you’re already half way there ♥

Alhamdullilah! Such wise words! Saara's interview really and truly reflect alot of my own thoughts and opinions. I think that most Hijabi's that live in similar environments eventually stumble upon the same thoughts. We seem to go through similar experiences with our hijab and I am sure that if you have started wearing hijab you will feel the same. Trust us that to try it, a flower will begin to open within you in you and a new understanding will arise.