Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Look Post | Thikr Wear

Salaam all you wonderful beauties! 

I have been so manic these last few weeks and I more than likely will be contuniously over the next few, Alghamdulillah. Sadly though, I have had very little opportunity to blog, much less someone to shoot what I'm wearing. I however, managed to get hubby to snap these on the way out to a Thikr this past saturday. I'm really lucky I did because I was busy till about 10pm that night, so another opportunity. 

It's nothing really extra ordinary but I thought the blog needed a bit of attention. And, what is a hijabi blog without at least one Thobe post? Am I right?

Anyway I hope you like it non the less and In sha Allah when things slow down a bit or I manage to manage my time better a better look post will follow. 

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Much love!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Look Post | Citra Style Model Contest

Asalaamu Alaikum everyone! I hardly consider myself a model, but who will be able to pass up the chance for a competition like this! A trip to Dubai, to be photographed by the amazing Lisa Vogl and to model for Citra Style long side the ever beautiful Yazthespaz

I am so excited about this competition but am however having a really hard time deciding what photo to submit. I thought I'd enlist the help if you lovely people to help me decide!

Details: It has to be a full length photo
Must not be photoshopped
Voting starts from 10:00am EST on March 31st and will end at 8:00pm EST on the 13th April
Each voter may vote on a single image one time per day.
The top 7 will be chosen and thereafter a panel of judges will decide who wins.
Winners will be announced 20th April. 

Please excuse the change of location in the photos, I was trying to find the best spot for the pictures and location scouting for shoots at the same time. Also, excuse the lack of variety in the shots, but I need help in deciding which full length to submit. Your opinion and help with this is truly valued it is only with you and the what the Almighty decides that it may be possible for me to win!









Scarf: Sawants
Belt: Rebel Funk
Shoes: Too old to remember

I am in love with this Mili Jo skirt as, you may tell, since I have worn it to the Cape Town Blogger Meet meet and also to my anniversary date. On the Cape Town Blogger Meet however I wore it with my coral chiffon bat wing sleeve shirt tucked in and to my anniversary I wore it with a plain black top and a turban. 

I totally forgot to mention that a lovely Hyde and Seek purse was also gifted to me that I meant for this look. I wanted to go as simple as possible with this look and with one key item. The rain however deterred any plans I had.  I guess I'll have to use the purse in another look post, so no loss there!

What do you guys think? Please comment which picture you think will get me closer to winning this competition.

Lotsa Love for you guys!