Thursday, 29 May 2014

Look Post | Reviving Eid clothes for day time looks

Asalaamualaikum (peace be upon you) my lovelies! 

I've been trying to find an opportunity to wear this top for a while now. I wore it for the First Eid after I started blogging. It always felt too fancy for just any day, like going out with the hubby but not wanting to over do it. So, for this look I attempted to dress it down. To be quite honest I am not sure if I succeeded but this is how I styled it to give it a more toned down look. 

The blessed month of Ramadaan will be coming up soon, and I am sure we are all looking forward to it! This will be a time when I take a break from blogging about trivial things or possibly from blogging on a whole. It is after all a time to reflect and make the most out of that precious gift. If I am to blog at all, it may be about things that I find can be helpful in some way or other. 

I wish you all a wonderful next few days! Until next time peeps! Oh! and by the by, I have heard that my blog is getting some attention lately, which is pretty awesome in that I have been making young girls realise that wearing a scarf does in no way has to be less fashionable than otherwise. However,  my blog name seemed to be confusing people. I therefore would like to sign my blog from now onwards as....

 Me Mrs Me

Keep sharing my friends.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Hijab Tutorial 2-4 | First Ever YouTube Video

Salaam my lovelies! So, I finally managed to upload the hijab tutorial video that was meant to go onto the Europa Design Emporium Fashion show CD giveaway. If you follow my Facebook page, you will know that due to some technical issues the Europa Team experienced, my video was unable to load onto the disc. I thereafter decided not to waste my many days of angst on creating the video and ultimately doing it 4 times over. To be quite honest I am still not happy with how I sound in the video.  I'm afraid of sounding dumb, of sounding snobbish, of sounding unprofessional... Please don't be discouraged after watching it, I will try my best to be more natural in from of the video camera. It was very daunting, I must admit.

Anyway, it is my hope that you enjoy the video non the less!
It is a 3 in one video, consisting of two hijab tutorials and one Turban tutorial. Happy Watching. 

You feedback is greatly appreciated, and will surely help me to better my video skills, so please leave a comment, share, and like!

Lots of love!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Look Post | Old Stuff

Salaam Everyone! I hope that you all had a great past few days and I hope that you all voted! I must just mention how important I think it is that we all vote, no matter who it is that you are voting for. As many of us are, I am a child of a former apartheid struggle comrade. My father and in fact my entire family was very much involved in the fight against oppression. I grew up knowing and understanding how much they sacrificed, what little rights they had, and how these injustices affected them. It is for this reason I realise and know with all I am, the importance of taking the privilege given to us. To vote, to have a say! It is due to the country we live in, I can wear my hijab freely with no prejudice. It is because if my family's hard work that I am able to do so, and to squander what they have fought so hard to give us would be a damn shame! 

It's official. Winter in upon us. I really don't know what to wear lately, and I realise that I'm stuck with this issue more often than not. I threw on some old stuff I have and what I believe made the outfit, which is nothing special really, but its my scarf that pulls it together.  By the way I have a love and hate relationship with these boots. Old boots from Aldo, but the problem I have with boots in genera, is that I never find a pair that fit around my legs. I did manage to take another pair of boots I have to the shoe make and he made it smaller for me. I just never got around to doing it with this one. Anyway, You don't need the most expensive clothes or the most newest. You just need to know what items can make the otherwise bland ensemble pop. 

And Happy Mothers day to all you beautiful moms, and those mother figures as well. Tireless efforts of mothers can never be underestimated! May Allah protect you all always! In sha Allah!

Until next time loves!