Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Look Post | Eid ul Fitr

Assallamu Alaikum all you lovely souls! 

After a lengthy deliberation, it was decided that Eid would be on Monday. Most of us however, expected Eid to be on Tuesday and this would have had many of us better prepared. Personally, I would have appreciated one more day of our blessed month, but Allah knows best. It was also the general consensus that the majority of South Africa celebrate Eid on the same day as opposed to many other Eids being celebrated on different days due to the ongoing debate on when Eid truly is. So in this regard well done South Africa on the unity!

I therefore I bid you all blessed  Eid Mubarak!

I do hope it was a indeed a blessed day filled with celebration as Allah has decreed this day for us to celebrate. I do however, reiterate that in our celebration we should not forget those whom are not able to celebrate this day due to the ongoing violence that plagues their countries. My fervent dua this year is that Allah gives them respite form their suffering and soon grant them Freedom In Sha Allah.

Now on a much more frivolous matter. I have been having an inner battle on having posted about matters and including most of my thoughts being consumed by the suffering around the world. It seemed so unimportant what I wore and it seemed that I just couldn't warrant a post after all the rest of issues that matters in this world. I thought though that in order for my blog to remain what my intention was for it, I must continue to put up some lighter material, so to speak.

So here you have my Eid look Post.

I was intending to wear the Limited Edition: Sacred by Milli Jo dress that Hubsie bought me for my birthday. This led me to not worry about Eid clothes at all. I dint end up wearing the dress though as sister got me this lovely green Abaya! I belted it to give it a bit more of a layered look. 

The head band I'm wearing just seems to complete the entire look. It's a gold band made by the sweetheart of a lady Aashiqah G! Thanks so much Aashiqah! I'm in love with this piece! Check out Aashiqah's other creations on her instagram here!   

In up coming posts, I will be posting about the Eid catalogue and also the #Eidforall drive I was lucky enough to be apart of! So, until next time loves!

Much Love!
Me Mrs Me

Friday, 18 July 2014

Mandela Day | Palestine, Gaza and South Africa

Assalaamu Alaikum everyone.

Today, I will be writing about something that is extremely close to my heart. A topic that I imagine is in fact close to many of our hearts! "Nothing unites the hearts of our Ummah like that of Palestine!", too true are the words of Omar Sulieman. 

Alghamdulillah, with Allah's will, most of us have seen the first 20 days of the Ramadaan in relative comfort. We can eat and Salah with our families in peace. We can concern ourselves with eid clothes and whether we have enough different types of savouries in the house for Iftar time. 

Where we sit comfortably, in other parts of the world people are afraid each and every night. They wonder,  "When will WE be next?". In a country where a mother gives birth to her baby that was shot in womb. A country where the oppressors wear jeering T- shirts that say, 2 kills, 1 bullet! Where four kids play innocently on a beach and are killed by missiles, the attackers claiming that they thought those kids building sandcastles where Hama's operatives. 

I am not trying to guilt anyone. Please don't mistake what I am saying here to be that we should not buy Eid clothes or prepare feasts for Eid if we are by the means. Eid is after all is a celebration, and it is the right we have as a people. A people who have fought for freedom, who was once prosecuted for the colour of skin. 

I proudly remember words of our Tata, that Arafat, Gadafi and Castro, may you think what you want of them, they supported our struggle not only in rhetoric but by placing their resources at our disposal to aid us with our struggle.  He also said, "We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians."

It is for the inhumanities we can no longer stand to see daily on our social media platforms, that over 40 thousand people took to the streets of Cape Town in protest on Wednesday. The atmosphere of the protesters was overwhelming. With so many protestors, chants broke out in different groups, some singing "Free , Free Palestine",  while others chanting Taqbeer! In short, a memorandum was put forth to Parliament in demanding disinvestments and sanctions against Israel. 

We can only make dua, pray, that our Government acknowledges and empathises, with the suffering of the Palestinian people and makes rulings to help put a stop to the war. We as a country, the people, have started of so well, we need to keep up the momentum and keep on putting pressure on our Government to administer change. It was only through unity and faith, that the Battle go Badr was won. We cannot do much if we as a Ummah do not stand together.

Today, we say, Happy Birthday to Tata Madiba. We will always fondly be remember you as a hero of hero's. His stance on issues is how we should approach ours. He vehemently opposed Israeli occupation and their treatment of the Palestinians. Let us use our 67 min to do good for all. As our hearts are with Palestine and Gaza, let it also be with our own communities. The suffering of our countrymen, which may or may not be compared with that of Gaza can still not be overlooked. Who are we if we cannot try to heal within ourselves. So when we think of helping Gaza let us put some of that effort into also helping within. 

Much Love
Me Mrs Me

Monday, 14 July 2014

Cause | Paradise for Kids Eid Clothes Iftar

Asalaamualiakum Everyone! Alghamdulillah, we have reached the halfway mark of this blessed month! From here on out I always feel that it goes all too quickly. It will be sad to see our beloved friend leave us, with all the Barakah and Rahmah brought along. May we all make the most of these last two weeks in sha Allah! 

With all the things going on around the world, especially that of the decades of suffering of our people in Palestine, not forgetting Syria, Burma, Pakistan and the abduction of the girls of Chibok, it has left me feeling deeply depressed, angry and frankly, helpless. Here we may complain daily about our own issues, yet what we experience seems like a mere fraction if compared to the travesties that our brothers and sister face around the world. 

I would very much like suggestions how we can help the people around the world, below is a petition I signed calling on Palestine to be counted as its own State! Please sign it is the very least we can do! 

In the mean time there is some wonderful giving happening in Cape Town right now. Among them are the Paradise 4 kids orphanage, who have teamed up wit other orphanages, in providing eid clothes for the kids. This year, they have managed to clothe 300 children!!!

 A huge thank you to all the people that helped to make this a possibility. May the Almighty reward you greatly! 

Paradise 4 Kids, will be holding an Iftar with their orphans, to be held at Spur in Vangate Mall on 19th July, with each ,dal a person buys, an orphan gets a fere meal!! This will give the sponsor  a chance to meet the child and help in handing over the eid clothes! 
Spur is currently running a Ramadaan Meal, at R74.90, which includes one meal and one dessert. 

If anyone would like to assist please contact: Nazeemah on +27 60 335 8719 

Paradise 4 Kids are situated at 19 Blue Bell Street, Lentegeur, Mitchells Plain, if you would like to pop in with anything that can assist them.  You can also find them on Facebook here

I commend these ladies at P4K for their work and relentless support for these kids! 
May Allah reward, them and all of you that have assisted thus far!

Let's make a difference and help whomever we can, whenever and however we are able!

I hope to see you all at the Palestinian Solidarity March on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 at 11AM from CPUT to Parliament! We need to show our support in some way and put pressure on our Government to intervene!

May Allah reward even the most humblest of efforts in sha Allah!

Lots of Love
Me Mrs Me

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Feature | Me Mrs Me featured in Hijab Lourve

Assalamualiakum Everyone! 

I do hope that the Ramadaan is going well for everyone in sha Allah! Can you believe that his coming Sunday will be the 15th fast in sha Allah! How time flies, so let this be a small reminder to myself and others to make the most out of this beautiful month. 

I don't have much to post at this point as you know I want to keep the Fast month mostly clear. I do however,  have a few look posts lined up that will mostly likely only be featured after the Ramdaan including the mandatory Eid Look post. What you may see in this month still will be a post on Wudhu and also as you may or may not know (depending whether you follow my on instagram or have like my facebook page, which you can find here and here)  I was part of an Eid Catalogue that is being created by Stitched the Blog, Cape Town 360 and The Ocean Monkey. This is what you can look forward to on the blog in time to come in sha Allah! 

There are some more serious post also that I'd like to do, all I can say for now is In sha Allah. So enough with the update. 

I was lucky enough to be featured on Hijab Lourve. In case you don't know what Hijab Lourve is, it was founded in 2010 and launched in 2013, it is a modest fashion brand that caters to women of all faiths, diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. I am featured on the blog part of their website which features anything related to fashion Islam or women they find inspirational. Which is an immense compliment as they have featured women whom I greatly admire, like Isra Speaks and Noor Tagouri, amongst others. 

Please do check out the interview here and please be so kind as to share the post! Jazakallah Ghair!

Also check out my feature on Madame Dija Blog here

Much love 
Me Mrs Me

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hijab Tutorial 5 and Sisters in Hijab Giveaway!!

Salaam everyone! 

Ramadaan Kareem all you lovely readers! This beautiful month is finally upon us and is going quite quickly I'd say, it is already day 3. May you all reap the benefits of this auspisious month and may Allah swt bestow his choicest blessings on you all!

I hope you enjoy today's tutorial! I will also upload a variation of this same style soon in sha Allah, and as I type this I realise I should maybe do an Eid tutorial!? Okay, let's see if I can come up with anything. In the mean time see if you can do this tutorial, and watch till the end for the competition details. 

Competition Details

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Name the scarf in the comments below

The beauties at Sister in Hijab will choose 2 lucky winners! Get thinking ladies!

Enjoy! Much love!
Me Mrs Me