Monday, 26 August 2013

Look Post - Serious about Spring

Hello lovelies! How about the beautiful weather this weekend? Although I am a winter baby, and love the thought of bundling up in the winter, I too am elated about seeing the sunshine and the sky turn its iridescent blue again. Spring has sprung! Time to unpack the bright colours and flowy tops and dresses.

The great weather allowed us all to have a bit of outdoor fun. It was lovely taking my kids to the park. My little boy got downright dirty, and isn’t that the way to play? This is just a quick look post for what I wore when meeting up with the very talented Razana Omar, of Razana Omar Hair and Make-up. We have a very exciting collaboration project that we are busy working on, coming soon. Be sure to keep a look out for this!

On this sunny weekend, I also attended the Get Covered scarf styling workshop. If you haven’t been already and are looking for easy and innovative ways to style your scarf it’s a definite must. I’ll be posting details about the workshop in the next blog post.

As, you can see in my look that it was a bit of business with a touch of spring. I paired my print jean with a blazer and set my black hijab off with a coloured underscarf. This look can be easily translated to a night out look, with some killer heels. I wore some really fabulous earrings therefore chose not to wear a neckpiece, since I thought it would be over-kill. I simply love this plain black vest type top I have on beneath the blazer. I was so happy when I found it because; it’s long and can be worn under almost anything to add that bit of cover up. It’s definitely my wear with everything top. What do you think? 

Pumps: Mr Price
Scarf: Woolies
Scarf Styling: Me (memrsme)
Blazer: Mr Price
Jeans: Woolies
Vest top: Woolies
Chunky Cuff: Rebel Funk
Statment Ring: Rebel Funk
Cross body bag/purse: Rebel Funk 
Earrings: Rebel Funk

 (All Rebel Funk items are available from me)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Look Post - Boy/Girl and Turbanation

Okay, so before I get gunned about this post, here is a little disclaimer. 'I am in no way claiming this to be Hijab. The post is called Turbanation, and that's simply what it is'.

I felt the need to post this, simply because since I have been wearing hijab I have mixed it up regularly wearing a, what you would call a full hijab, with a turban style (usually with a scarf to cover the neck area, though admittedly, not always). Not only has this helped me with my hijab journey and assisted in my hijab not getting lame, because lets face it, we are human and we get bored easily, the same way we do with our hair cuts. Most importantly however, it has helped my husband 'warm up' to it, so to speak. He envisioned women wearing hijab to be in thobes all day and he was not prepared yet, for his wife to "fade away". No fault to him, we are after all in different phases in our lives and Allah gives to those when he sees fit.  Also, we live in a western country and are accustomed to not wearing hijab to be the norm. 

Although we are free to practice our religion as we see fit, there are still some societal norms that we grow up with. In South Africa we do not start wearing the hijab as young women because, we live in this Rainbow Nation, as Desmond Tutu dubbed us, we live among different races and so we are not pressured to wear what our Creator asks of us. It therefore has becomes the norm for us not to. As young women we also fear to be too different because we fear the criticism. And so we choose to be normal, and most take up the hijab much later in life.

Please, I only mention these things as a way to explain for some who may criticize why my husband was not so keen on me wearing hijab, but I also want to say, that I feel very strongly that it is only Allah that can guide you to the right path, so women who contemplate wearing the hijab should do so when they are fully ready. It is in my opinion a very personal matter. This being said, I felt I was ready, and that no matter how much he wasn't ready I knew I was.  It was during the Ramdaan of last year that I just never removed the scarf as the Ramadaan drew to a close. In my hijab, I felt safe and closer to my Creator and that gave me inner peace. I also felt more confident then I had ever felt before. Ebrahim can attest to that.

So, it was his uncertainty that drove me to wear styles that he liked and not to just wear a thobe, as this would be the easier way.  It was also my confidence and my quest to marry my fashion with my hijab that made him see me differently and now most days when I am wearing full hijab, he tells me, "babe you look hot today!" (**Giggle**) In no way did I want to be so personal in my blog, but I realised that telling it like it is may help to inpsire, what my blog is aimed at.

This is what I wore over the sunny winters day that we were all looking forward to on Sunday! I'm also just loving some wacky turban styles, so that may be what you see me in for a while. Let me know what you all think.


Scarf: Rebel Funk
Turban Styling: Me (memrsme)
Accesories:Rebel Funk
Watch: Guess
Jeans: Mr Price (boyfriend jeans BARGAIN @ R50)
Shoes: Mr Price
Jersey: Country Road (Stole hubby's Eid jersey, thought it went well with the outfit)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Eid ul Fitr 2013 #eidstyle Part 1.

First of all, Eid Mubarak to all those who had the pleasure to celebrate this beautiful day, this past Friday. It also happened to be women's day here in South Africa, so Happy Women's day to all you beautiful ladies.

In between this Eid post and the first post on the memrsme blog, I was meant to put up at least one look post. Alas! The most dreaded thing happened! My trusty laptop would not start! It has been in for repairs up until today. This led me to ponder how technologically dependent we have become. I missed and felt as if a part of me was missing without her, but all's well that ends well since she is back with me! This hugely contributed to the reason for the Eid post being so late. So, lets get into it... Eid ul Fitr 2013!

As you all know it was a beautiful sunny winters day on Eid. I am sure that most of us were fretting about the weather, with it being so erratic of late, as our Eid outfit choices was hinged on this. I personally got to spend Eid with some very awe inspiring women, it being Women's day and all, women who I look up to and admire greatly. I thought it be a great way to showcase how Hijab can be worn differently as they each have their own unique style and this was translated into the way in which they styled their scarves.

I however, wore, an Emaan Modest Couture top in Mustard. It was beautifully loose and flowing. The attached Hoody which adds to the flow of the garment was the part that sold it for me. This allowed me to not only wear a turban style, but also with one flip, I was practically fully Hijabed. How convenient and elegant! I paired it with a simple straight black skirt that I bought at East west Designs,  a little place where you can get some great scarves, beautiful Abayas and much needed basics. Paired with, plain black heels from Zando. To cinch the waist a belt was added, although it should have been black. I didn't however mange to get one in time and my accessories are from Rebel Funk.

My sister in law, Nabeelah Wise in both her stunning Dresses. I am always so inspired by how she is able to match her items! Lace is so in this season! Nabeelah wears a midi lace number that has a distinctive vintage feel paired with a Rebel Funk neckpiece. Her morning dress was a beautiful midnight blue maxi dress by Mishah Designs with some great pocket and cable belt details. With this outfit she makes her Hijab an easy wrap scarf style with a turban.

This post will continue in Eid ul Fitr 2013 #eidtyle Part 2....

Eid ul Fitr 2013 #eidtyle Part 2

Continuation from Eid ul Fitr 2013 #eidtyle Part 1....

Tugfah Harris, also a very fashion forward fashionista, wears a beautiful paisley blazer that off sets well with her pastel colour maxi dress. I simply love the way her gold statement piece matched her gold addition to her turban and especially the way she styled her turban in 3 colour ways.

Zaidah Ishmail,  is simply dressed with a dash of colour as her main piece with a maroon blazer, I love the way Zaidah has been styling her scarves, they allow for full coverage with a flip that is something unique and is able to showcase her earrings. Notice how she strapped her necklace over her shoulders! All her accessories are available at Mr Price.

Tharwah Ishmail had her beautiful vintage meets modern dress made and her turban was styled by Zaidah. Monochrome is also big this season and Tharwah pulls it of nicely! I apologise for the shadow in the photos, I personally hate these dark shadows in photos but unfortunately I did not have a flash with me and had to use the onboard camera flash. Photographers pet hate!

I hope that from this it's clear to see, that Hijab does not have to be run of the mill, but it can be unique to you just as the  hair that falls around your head is. This should certainly reaffirm for those contemplating starting to wear hijab that it is beautiful and can be stylish!

I hope you enjoyed these ladies looks!

Mrs me!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Starting Out

This is me. My first blog post, after having been told by a few friends and family that I should blog, I decided that after a year of wearing my hijab, Alghamdulillah, I should culminate this anniversary of my wearing hijab coupled with fashion by finally starting this blog.

My Hijab story started in The Ramadaan of last year 2012. As you know most girls do don the Hijab during this sacred month, in respect for our beautiful religion. Unfortunately as the month ends so does this trend. I must admit that I too was guilty of this for many years, thats is, until last year. 

I must also admit that it has not been an easy road. We do after all live in a Western Country, and I am sure that most of us who take on this duty find this journey very daunting. There are numerous challenges that one has to overcome. Among these challenges, which I believe could be an entire blog post on its own, I continually asked myself whether I could be fashionable and still wear my hijab.

This lead me to a quest in search of  different Hijabi's around the world, which Alghamdulillah I managed to find.  I drew inspiration from these awesome ladies, such as Dina Tokio, YazTheSpaz and Dian Pelangi. I tried different Hijab styles on different days, figured out what looked best on me and what didn't.

I continue to learn as I am sure we all do no matter what we take on. I do not always look good or at least feel that I do, but wearing the hijab has somehow honed my fashion sense, in a way. so, what I feel I should end off saying, is, don't be afraid to keep wearing your hijab. It is truly beautiful and fashion and style definitely do not have to go out the window as the scarf comes on.  In starting this blog I hope to inspire women to do the same, just as Dina Tokio, YazTheSpaz and many others have truly inspired me.

Here's to hoping I accomplish what I intend!
Mrs Me  xxx