Thursday, 15 August 2013

Eid ul Fitr 2013 #eidstyle Part 1.

First of all, Eid Mubarak to all those who had the pleasure to celebrate this beautiful day, this past Friday. It also happened to be women's day here in South Africa, so Happy Women's day to all you beautiful ladies.

In between this Eid post and the first post on the memrsme blog, I was meant to put up at least one look post. Alas! The most dreaded thing happened! My trusty laptop would not start! It has been in for repairs up until today. This led me to ponder how technologically dependent we have become. I missed and felt as if a part of me was missing without her, but all's well that ends well since she is back with me! This hugely contributed to the reason for the Eid post being so late. So, lets get into it... Eid ul Fitr 2013!

As you all know it was a beautiful sunny winters day on Eid. I am sure that most of us were fretting about the weather, with it being so erratic of late, as our Eid outfit choices was hinged on this. I personally got to spend Eid with some very awe inspiring women, it being Women's day and all, women who I look up to and admire greatly. I thought it be a great way to showcase how Hijab can be worn differently as they each have their own unique style and this was translated into the way in which they styled their scarves.

I however, wore, an Emaan Modest Couture top in Mustard. It was beautifully loose and flowing. The attached Hoody which adds to the flow of the garment was the part that sold it for me. This allowed me to not only wear a turban style, but also with one flip, I was practically fully Hijabed. How convenient and elegant! I paired it with a simple straight black skirt that I bought at East west Designs,  a little place where you can get some great scarves, beautiful Abayas and much needed basics. Paired with, plain black heels from Zando. To cinch the waist a belt was added, although it should have been black. I didn't however mange to get one in time and my accessories are from Rebel Funk.

My sister in law, Nabeelah Wise in both her stunning Dresses. I am always so inspired by how she is able to match her items! Lace is so in this season! Nabeelah wears a midi lace number that has a distinctive vintage feel paired with a Rebel Funk neckpiece. Her morning dress was a beautiful midnight blue maxi dress by Mishah Designs with some great pocket and cable belt details. With this outfit she makes her Hijab an easy wrap scarf style with a turban.

This post will continue in Eid ul Fitr 2013 #eidtyle Part 2....


  1. Awesome post Fatima! You both looked lovely Masha Allah

  2. Wow manshaAllah you look wonderful! The mustard top is fantastic!