Friday, 2 August 2013

Starting Out

This is me. My first blog post, after having been told by a few friends and family that I should blog, I decided that after a year of wearing my hijab, Alghamdulillah, I should culminate this anniversary of my wearing hijab coupled with fashion by finally starting this blog.

My Hijab story started in The Ramadaan of last year 2012. As you know most girls do don the Hijab during this sacred month, in respect for our beautiful religion. Unfortunately as the month ends so does this trend. I must admit that I too was guilty of this for many years, thats is, until last year. 

I must also admit that it has not been an easy road. We do after all live in a Western Country, and I am sure that most of us who take on this duty find this journey very daunting. There are numerous challenges that one has to overcome. Among these challenges, which I believe could be an entire blog post on its own, I continually asked myself whether I could be fashionable and still wear my hijab.

This lead me to a quest in search of  different Hijabi's around the world, which Alghamdulillah I managed to find.  I drew inspiration from these awesome ladies, such as Dina Tokio, YazTheSpaz and Dian Pelangi. I tried different Hijab styles on different days, figured out what looked best on me and what didn't.

I continue to learn as I am sure we all do no matter what we take on. I do not always look good or at least feel that I do, but wearing the hijab has somehow honed my fashion sense, in a way. so, what I feel I should end off saying, is, don't be afraid to keep wearing your hijab. It is truly beautiful and fashion and style definitely do not have to go out the window as the scarf comes on.  In starting this blog I hope to inspire women to do the same, just as Dina Tokio, YazTheSpaz and many others have truly inspired me.

Here's to hoping I accomplish what I intend!
Mrs Me  xxx

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  1. Shukran for your lovely comment Fatima. And welcome to the blogging community :) Looking forward to reading more of your posts! x