Thursday, 15 August 2013

Eid ul Fitr 2013 #eidtyle Part 2

Continuation from Eid ul Fitr 2013 #eidtyle Part 1....

Tugfah Harris, also a very fashion forward fashionista, wears a beautiful paisley blazer that off sets well with her pastel colour maxi dress. I simply love the way her gold statement piece matched her gold addition to her turban and especially the way she styled her turban in 3 colour ways.

Zaidah Ishmail,  is simply dressed with a dash of colour as her main piece with a maroon blazer, I love the way Zaidah has been styling her scarves, they allow for full coverage with a flip that is something unique and is able to showcase her earrings. Notice how she strapped her necklace over her shoulders! All her accessories are available at Mr Price.

Tharwah Ishmail had her beautiful vintage meets modern dress made and her turban was styled by Zaidah. Monochrome is also big this season and Tharwah pulls it of nicely! I apologise for the shadow in the photos, I personally hate these dark shadows in photos but unfortunately I did not have a flash with me and had to use the onboard camera flash. Photographers pet hate!

I hope that from this it's clear to see, that Hijab does not have to be run of the mill, but it can be unique to you just as the  hair that falls around your head is. This should certainly reaffirm for those contemplating starting to wear hijab that it is beautiful and can be stylish!

I hope you enjoyed these ladies looks!

Mrs me!

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