Monday, 19 August 2013

Look Post - Boy/Girl and Turbanation

Okay, so before I get gunned about this post, here is a little disclaimer. 'I am in no way claiming this to be Hijab. The post is called Turbanation, and that's simply what it is'.

I felt the need to post this, simply because since I have been wearing hijab I have mixed it up regularly wearing a, what you would call a full hijab, with a turban style (usually with a scarf to cover the neck area, though admittedly, not always). Not only has this helped me with my hijab journey and assisted in my hijab not getting lame, because lets face it, we are human and we get bored easily, the same way we do with our hair cuts. Most importantly however, it has helped my husband 'warm up' to it, so to speak. He envisioned women wearing hijab to be in thobes all day and he was not prepared yet, for his wife to "fade away". No fault to him, we are after all in different phases in our lives and Allah gives to those when he sees fit.  Also, we live in a western country and are accustomed to not wearing hijab to be the norm. 

Although we are free to practice our religion as we see fit, there are still some societal norms that we grow up with. In South Africa we do not start wearing the hijab as young women because, we live in this Rainbow Nation, as Desmond Tutu dubbed us, we live among different races and so we are not pressured to wear what our Creator asks of us. It therefore has becomes the norm for us not to. As young women we also fear to be too different because we fear the criticism. And so we choose to be normal, and most take up the hijab much later in life.

Please, I only mention these things as a way to explain for some who may criticize why my husband was not so keen on me wearing hijab, but I also want to say, that I feel very strongly that it is only Allah that can guide you to the right path, so women who contemplate wearing the hijab should do so when they are fully ready. It is in my opinion a very personal matter. This being said, I felt I was ready, and that no matter how much he wasn't ready I knew I was.  It was during the Ramdaan of last year that I just never removed the scarf as the Ramadaan drew to a close. In my hijab, I felt safe and closer to my Creator and that gave me inner peace. I also felt more confident then I had ever felt before. Ebrahim can attest to that.

So, it was his uncertainty that drove me to wear styles that he liked and not to just wear a thobe, as this would be the easier way.  It was also my confidence and my quest to marry my fashion with my hijab that made him see me differently and now most days when I am wearing full hijab, he tells me, "babe you look hot today!" (**Giggle**) In no way did I want to be so personal in my blog, but I realised that telling it like it is may help to inpsire, what my blog is aimed at.

This is what I wore over the sunny winters day that we were all looking forward to on Sunday! I'm also just loving some wacky turban styles, so that may be what you see me in for a while. Let me know what you all think.


Scarf: Rebel Funk
Turban Styling: Me (memrsme)
Accesories:Rebel Funk
Watch: Guess
Jeans: Mr Price (boyfriend jeans BARGAIN @ R50)
Shoes: Mr Price
Jersey: Country Road (Stole hubby's Eid jersey, thought it went well with the outfit)

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  1. absolutely love you your look and style of hijaab in this post! you are beautiful and always an inspiration!!