Thursday, 7 November 2013

Look Post | Relax, take it easy

Asalaamualaikum my lovelies! After the humdrum that my blog has had this week, I feel a slightly more relaxed post is due. So, I bring to you a relaxed look post of what I wore last week Saturday, when I popped in at the Taronga Road Masjid Market.

There, I met Aashiqah G' Collections and the Designers of Mod-ish. I cant wait to get some of these items to blog about. I'm in love with Aashiqah G' Collections head pieces as I have seen the on Sisters in Hijab and on Minimal Exposure. Mod-ish is a new find for me but I think their items are so me! Can't wait!!

For this post I experimented and came up with this hijab style. People at the Market and on Instagram have asked me to do a tutorial which I will do soon, In Sha Allah!

I'll also soon be posting up the Forever New Event I attended and thereafter the husband post which I am really excited about. Until then Keep it you and keep it modest!

Clothes and Shoes: Mr Price
Scarf styling: memrsme
Scarf: Sawants
Purse/Tablet holder: Forver New
Accessories: Rebel Funk

Much Love!


  1. Is that a Wimsy pin I see :) Love how you are wearing it. Where do I find the tutorial for the scarf styling? I would really like to post the link on my website. Shukran :)

    1. yes, it is... I tried to shoot the tutorial this past weekend but to my utter dismay I couldn't remember how I did it. I totally experimented that day I loved how it came out but then never wore it again. I will figure it out insha Allah and then the tutorial will go up.