Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Bridal Hijab Project - with Razana Omar Hair and Make up

Salaam beauties! I thought I'd start my first post for the new year with something wonderful. This post has taken a lot preparation and has been in the making for a long while. It involved, many a day stressing, so much doubt and I must admit hard work to finally get this post out. Alghamdulillah, hard work eventually does pay off and here are the fruits that were bore from those days of a constant roller coaster ride in confidence. You may think that I'm blowing this way out of proportion but honestly, how I've experienced it, it's easy to wrap a scarf to create a turban. I'm sure most of you can do it with your eyes closed. The bridal hijab, posed a different challenge for me. I envisioned it being for a bride and thought, how do I wrap a scarf but make it, for lack of a better word, wow?

I went hunting for material, and my eyes were generally open to everything I saw being potential bridal gear. It seems like for a while I lived, ate, and breathed bridal hijab. I just had to get it right, I was so afraid of failing. Even after I had created my three looks, I was still uncertain if I had nailed it. Even though I was happy with how it turned out it seems that with people, and especially brides, they have a certain vision for their wedding day and I was not sure how my looks would appeal to the public. I had never ever attempted bridal before, this being the bane of my anxiety. In the end I was happy with what I had done and I hope you will be too. 

Come shoot day, Razana and I discussed make up. She said to me, that she knows from experience that brides generally don't want too heavy make up. She started on make up while I tested the set up. Once she was done, I began on the first head gear. I must admit that while I wrapped I wondered to myself how I could have had so many months of self doubt. I personally experience a world wind of excitement and nervousness before any of my shoots and I believe it pushes me to always do my best.  Therefore,  I believe that anything that makes you nervous just pushes you to do and be better.  

There you have it. Your thoughts and feed back are very welcome. It was a fun shoot with some awesome women. Thank you, Safeerah, Neelam and Mahbooba for doing this with Razana and I and a very special thank you to Razana for doing such an amazing job! If any of you are interested in me doing a bridal hijab or wedding photography for you or Razana to do your make up for any occasion feel free to contact us. 

2014 will be holding some great things for memrsme In Sha Allah. My next post will be the wonderful Nashiiha Pervin from The Hijabi Bengali sisters. Until then lovelies, please don't forget to follow the blog, like my Facebook page, follow me on Instagram and twitter

Much Love



  1. Oh my. They all look gorgeous masha Allah. Well done!


    1. Thank so much Charazad! Great Models and Great MUA!

  2. Beautifully done :) a lot of wedding hijab seems overdone but this, is beautiful and unique

    1. Thank you Nuhaa, I hope my styles can remain seen like this In Sha Allah.

  3. Many wise heads are better than one head

  4. Good quality workmanship, material; the fit matched the sizing details, which by the way was great; as i was lost until the seller compared their sizing to 'women' sizes. So pretty much all was as described.
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