Thursday, 10 October 2013

Attendance | Europa Design Emporium

Hey dolls, so it’s been a jam-packed weekend of fashion extravaganza. Since I could not make it to fashion week Autumn Winter taking place in Johannesburg, it seemed fitting to attend our own, what I would call, Cape Town Muslimah Fashion Week or weeks, as it may seem.

Since I first attended the An Nur’s Fashion show, there has been fashion show, after fashion show, I assume in time for Eid. Some, which I was able to attend, others I could not. This past Saturday, I attended the Khanizeni Travel and Tourz Launch at which Europa Design Emporium did a small Fashion show for their Cape Style segment

It was a very ‘to do’ affair despite it seeming empty. I must admit that I don’t think that the Tourism Company may have advertised it well enough because it was definitely a fashion show that should not have been missed. I feel that the vibe would have been amplified if the attendance was what it should have been.

Despite this, the Europa Design Emporium Team is a wonderful bunch of fun loving, quirky women. They are a group of four sisters including their mom, which decided that working together could produce something wonderful. The team, with each of their individuality adds that special touch to each design. In turn each garment is rendered with a special touch of that individuality.

They strive to create to sophisticated clothing that appeals to the young individual whose lifestyle is both modern, modest and is inspired by a high quality of living. Their brand aims to be creative, inventive, vibrant and full of life. I was asked to turban style for this event and this gave me the opportunity to see the behind the scenes action, and since spending some time with the team I believe there mission statement to be true to its word!

The clothes are sassy and have a wonderful flow to each item, well designed and sewed, modest and definitely fashionable.  Being a team that knows it takes much to start a dream, they feel the need to empower more young designers and therefore at this show they brought along, 16-year-old designer Thameeena Abrahams to showcase a few of her items. I love her dresses with lace detail that has that vintage inspired, Great Gatsby feel to it. She is definitely one to look out for.

 Thameena's Designs

Until the next attendance post, interviews, requested tutorials and possible look posts, keep it you and keep it modest!


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