Monday, 14 October 2013

Hijab Tutorial 1

Hi Everyone! So after much deliberation and possible self doubt, I have finally put up my first Hijab tutorial. It has probably been done by many, though I must admit that I did figure it out myself.

It has taken me literally months to finally build up the courage to do one. Picture tutorials has also seemed like the way to go for me, since I seem to be camera shy in the video department! I was just not sure how to get it out there until Minimal Exposure put up a Tutorial on her blog. She helped tremendously by making me realise it could simply be done as a blog post.

Big ups to Fashion Breed who also put up a great turban tutorial recently on her blog via youtube. I do have a youtube channel that I started way back when and even filmed my first video tutorial after being asked numerous times to do so. I have even been stopped a few times while out shopping and also when I have been out with the kids in the park. It finally hit me that maybe I must do a tutorial after that one time when I was out shopping and was literally stopped by a few fellow shoppers asking how I did my scarf. I ended up trying to demonstrate while they all watched. The video I made after that, is still on my phone today, and my kids have a fun time watching and imitating me! Yikes!!

There are so many amazing people out there doing turban and hijab tutorials that I don't also want to be repeating what's already been done. And since seeing that so many people have been requesting and even knocking on my door asking me to style their hijab, it seems easier to maybe do a few tutorials now and then. I also don't want to let people down, which I may have been doing in trying to build the courage to put a video up. Anyway enough chit chat.

Place scarf on head while having one side longer than the other
Tie securely at the back of head
Take shorter the side and it can eather be spread over the head or twisted
Tuck in or use a pin to secure down
Take the longer side and wrap around loosely
Tuck in dangling piece. A pin can be placed on top to secure
Or you can leave it dangling for a loose effect. Another way is to not place the longer part over the head but wrap around the neck and secure with a pin at the base of the neck!
I hope you enjoy the tutorial Sumaya Seedat, and I hope that it's not too difficult. Any tips in how I could make these better or easier would be appreciated! Much love you guys!



  1. Awesome, worked the first time I tried it, easy peasy Shukran (**,)

    1. Afwaan! I'm so happy it was easy, Please send me a picture how it turned out!

  2. makasaih artikelnya
    blognya bagus