Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Turban Styling Street Style with Make Up by Razana Omar

Hey peeps! I am extremely excited to bring to you the first in a series of shoots that Razana Omar and I have teamed up to bring to the memrsme blog. There are some very exciting developments underway for the memrsme blog and this collaboration is indeed one of them.

Razana and I met some time ago after she saw the blog and thought it would be a good idea to bring our interests together for the readers. It was then that the idea of having a street style Turban shoot inspired by these two beautiful hijabi's Dina Tokio and Nuralailalov, was born. This is the first in the series of ideas born that day, with Bridal and Summery Hijab, and make-up to be coming soon.

I have said before that turban was a way for me to ease into the Hijab scene, so to speak, and I'm quite certain that this may ring true for some of you as well.  With that being said, the idea for this shoot was to present cool and funky scarf styles, to appeal to a wider or shall I say younger audience. With this, we hope to inspire more women to start covering their hair and to realise that by doing so you can still be, if not more beautiful. 

It was then, this past Sunday that Razana and I came together for this shoot. With the weather being not the ideal for an outdoor shoot as we had intended, we remained indoors. With Lynne Whitehead as the model Razana had chosen, the location of the shoot became a non-issue. This beauty is not muslim but agreed to do the shoot with us, much to both our delights!

We had limited time for the shoot in which to cram in 4 different looks but Razana skillfully managed to get all 4 looks done in time. Impressive to say the least. For the most part, I sat and watched Razana work her magic on Lynne, though truth be told, Lynne is stunning with and without make-up, after which I would style the scarf. Razana works meticulously and it seems that she is a perfectionist of sorts. I noticed how she huffed and puffed when she was not happy with something that I clearly did not see. In the end the make-up was done amazingly, and after watching her work, I have a newfound respect for make-up Artists. I realise that I know nothing about make-up (yikes!), and luckily Razana has offered to teach me a few things.

These looks, are super cool, and in my opinion can be worn in a street style way with denims or even teamed up with some heels, a fabulous dress and accessories for an evening look. They are quite easy to achieve and if you add a hood or snood to it, will give you a fuller hijab look. If you want to try a look and perhaps don't know how, feel free to email me regarding.

Frontal Sikh Inspired Turban

Side Braided Turban

 Frontal loop Turban

Waterfall Turban

On a serious note however, I have been reading of late, that Hijab seems to be a trend and without a doubt turban as it has been seen on many the celeb and even on the runway.  It seems though that more and more women are realising that you can don the scarf and still be fashionable, therefore trendy. As we know however, trends in the fashion industry are something that wanes like the moon, but in my opinion once you start wearing the scarf and get the feel of how it should and probably will make you feel, I doubt that it will be a passing trend. This "trend" could simply be Allah's way of giving Hidayah to many in one go? What you do you think?

Photography: Sarfaraaz Khan
Make-up: Razana Omar
Scarf styling: memrsme
Photo Editing: memrsme


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