Monday, 2 September 2013

Get Covered Scarf Styling Workshop

Hi Everyone! I have been trying to get this post out for a long while now. FINALLY! As I have mentioned in my Eid post, I had my first look post all ready and then my dearest Mac decided to go off sick. In that post I also wanted to mention and review the Get Covered Impromtu scarf styling workshop. I have since had to rewrite the post and obviously add or remove what was no longer applicable.

I attended the Get Covered scarf styling workshop, during the Ramadaan, not only in preparation for Eid but it also served as a means to which I wanted to grow myself for blogging. It seemed so apt, since I do blog about Hijab coupled with Fashion. I thought it be necessary to learn how others style there scarves and perhaps get some ideas into improving or building on my own styles.

Get Covered is, how I see it, as a family team, that creates scarves and burkahs, that are easy to wear. Their thing is, no pins, no problems. I had never met Aunty Fay (the women that makes and designs the scarves) before and was bubbling with excitement to attend the workshop. It was a small group of 20 women, including myself. Aunty Fay is a very charismatic, charming and truly Capetownian lady! She started the workshop with some jokes which were very natural and forthcoming throughout the hour. Women giggled and fussed their way through the hour, trying replicate what Aunty Fay seemed so skilled at doing.

She managed to show us a few easy ways to twist the burkah that would take minutes and look good into both turban and hijab styles, by simply building on the base. No Pins Needed! She went on to add, after showing us a few ways to style, that we would be done quicker than you can say 'scarf styling' after having to take wudhu at a function while perhaps another may still be pinning her way back into her Hijab style. I honestly giggled internally as this person pinning their way would be me.

I managed to chat to a few of the attendees to find our their thoughts on the workshop. Leilah Maneveld said, " Its good, very different and quite innovative. The only thing is Get Covered should have a swipe facility!" Siham Gallo, said that she didn't realise that it could be so simple and yet look so neat.

Shahida Sedick who attended the workshop with her two daughters, said, "Fantastic! I don't know what else to say. With this you can look modern yet islamic, I will definately come again." Her daughter, Rushda Sedick, who attended the workshop to gain ideas as she is getting married, said that there is so many things you can do using layers and that the workshop was very nice and interesting.

Its a definite must for all hijabi's, I'd say. Be sure to visit her "huiswinkeltjie" as she dubs it, for some great, burkahs and turbans. She even makes up special ones just for you that slip right on and has made some beautiful Hijabi Bridal pieces. Be sure to check out her facebook page or better yet meet her in person.


  1. Yay! Aunty Fay and I are cousins :)
    So nice to see it went well for her!

    1. What a small world hey? It is going well for her, Alghamdulillah!

  2. Shukran for sharing pics, I attending the workshop and couldn't remember some of the styles.