Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Look Post | Purple and Black

Whats up peeps? This is just a small look post. It's not meant to be anything wow or extravagant in anyway, its just me trying to shoot my own pictures. Since I don't always have someone available to shoot my look posts, I will need to do some practicing in this department.

What I wore here is just my casual oldies, you know, in the house, running around, fetching kids etc. You need to be comfortable but still look fairly decent in case you bump into someone. It's like the old people used to say, "wear good underwear in case you meet up with an accident", or "keep your house clean in case you die on the road". I am by no means famous, so wont really be "spotted" but still feel it nececesay to look decent. Mind you, I often have my days when I just want to throw on track pants and hubby's T, or better yet stay in PJ's all day.  I'm sure we all have those days. So the outfit is old. Really nothing new here, beside my scarf.

So, to me it just proved to be quite something by adding a new scarf to the mix. I absolutely love the material of this scarf, so easy to wrap and turn! I definitely need to do a turban style with this scarf to show you! This scarf was bought on my hunt for scarves for my up and coming turban styling shoot with Razana Omar Hair and Make-Up. It was bought at Sawants, and I absolutely love the way it falls and that its got an ombre effect. The only thing is that it was quite pricey. If I can find something similar for cheaper I will have scored! So, I'll be on the look out for this in the next few days.

I have also been pondering on what to blog about lately. I will be doing a DIY top out of an old scarf soon, inspired by Dina Tokio, (who recently got married. Mabrook Dina!), The Turban styling with Razana Omar and A shoot with East West Designs among other things. If there is any topics you wish me to tackle regarding hijab  turban styling or anything else drop me an email, I will try my best to help. Until next time keep well, keep it you and keep it modest.


Scarf: Sawants
Jewelry: Rebel Funk
Cardigan: Gift
Dress: (old, I think, Fashion Warehouse)
Jeans: Mr Price
Shoes: Mr Price
( All Rebel Funk Items, if available, can be bought from me)

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