Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Look Post | Floral Shirt

Hey lovelies! This look post had to take a back seat to the Lisa Vogl interview, which you can read here. This was the Sunday previous when the weather was sweet. Mind you, I will be missing winter when the new season finally decides to stay. So here is the quick look post as requested by a South African living abroad. By the way I am so humbled by those few who follow the blog. Thank you so much! It truly makes doing all this so worthwhile and rewarding. It shows that with time In Sha Allah it's very possible to achieve what I want to out of this blog, though, with Allah's will! However, if I manage to positively affect at least one person I will have achieved what I set out to do!

So here is the look post, for this look, I could be considered the poster hijabi for Mr Price, (**giggle**) as most of my items are from there. The shirt has a longer back but was not long enough so I'm paired it with my Woolworths staple vest and old waistcoat jersey. I love the jeans with its ripped look and mauve colour turn ups but needed to wear a pair of tights underneath for added security. I also completely forgot to put on the heels intended for this look as I was walking around the house in flats. It didn't look too bad though, so, no big deal. Until the next post, Keep it you and keep it modest!


Pumps: Mr Price
Jeans: Mr Price
Floral Shirt: Mr Price
Turban Styling Fatimakw (memrsme)
Waistcoat Jersey: (old)
Accessories: Rebel Funk
(All Rebel Funk accessories are available from me)


  1. Love the outfit!!


  2. Love this look Fatima! The floral shirt is so pretty :)
    Saara x

    1. Thanks Saara! It is hey? Its a pity it actualy belongs to my little sister. I bought it for her... lucky it fits me!

  3. Your lookposts are my favourtie my friend!!! Just LOVE!

  4. Lovely shirt! Colours are beautiful :)