Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Look Post | Europa Design Emporium Culotte

Asalaamu Alaikum everyone! I hope that you have all been wonderful In sha Allah. I really have been struggling to get out to do interesting look posts that I envision. This must obviously also include a scenery of interest to tell the correct story or add to it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do as planned. So, I have reverted to shooting in the back yard.

In trend reports the world over, the Culotte pants is what is deemed as the must have item for spring. The word 'Culotte' hails from France but is a term that describes the wide-leg cropped pants. The Europa Culotte, is not a cropped version of the pants and that is how I prefer it. With the great print, it's an easy to wear pants perfect for our summer season, which in all honesty seems to be in hibernation. It's also the perfect pants for the modest wearing individual and pair it with a crop top and it can be worn as a less modest version too. 

Mind you, a cropped version is super stylish and will compliment most body types. 

I paired the culotte here, with a black slouchy shirt from Mr Price to create a very relaxed and easy to wear look. I'm really all about comfort lately and I must say that I am simply in love with Mr P's slouchy shirts with the extra length!

You can contact the team of sisters at Europa Design Emporium for any item from their range and be sure to catch their new range at the Sisters in Support Fashion show which will be show cased among other fabulous designers on the 24 January 2015. 

If you are interested in the jewellery that I often wear, including some of the scarf styles, be sure to pop by the +Rebel Funk and Memrsme scarf styling  open day on the 30 November! Join us for cup cakes, tea, shopping and networking!

Until next time loves, Keep it you and keep it modest!

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